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The Four Essentials of Parenting
The Four Essentials of Parenting
Most parents inadvertently utilize at least one essential in parenting but effective parenting only happens when all 4 essentials are implemented; building one successively upon the other without side-stepping each building block:
4 Styles of Parenting
4 Styles of Parenting
A commonly neglected formula is: Discipline + Affection = Love. By nature, parents use one of three negative parenting styles. Oftentimes one parent is the disciplinarian while the other is the "nice guy" parent. In order to exercise positive parenting, both parents must individually exercise a balance of discipline and affection.
Spiritual Warefare for Your Children
Spiritual Warfare for Your Children
These powerful teachings will help you to stop fighting with your kids and start fighting for them by identifying the spirits that come against them every day.
Strongholds That Hinder Problem Solving
Strongholds That Hinder Problem Solving
According to the Bible, strongholds are false beliefs and imaginations of the mind. Wrong thinking governs ineffective parenting. Discover freedom in identifying and breaking common mindsets that keep you bound in your ability to solve problems with your child.
Control vs. Influence
Many Flavors of Manipulation
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Because kids don't come with manuals
Parents are not so much unwilling to provide more substantive training to their children as they are ill-equipped to do such work. 
George Barna
George Barna
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Control vs. Influence
Control is like the clutch and influence is like the gas pedal. Learning to balance the two while slowly releasing the clutch is how you get a car to run at full speed. Learn to gradually release control from the child stages into influence over their adult development stages.
Many Flavors of Manipulation
Manipulation comes in many flavors and is a form of psychological abuse. From the time they are babies throughout their growing up years, children discover these controlling techniques by observing what triggers their parent’s weaknesses and buttons.
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Parenting Workshop Academy offers  professional training and certification course on becoming a Certified Christian Life Coach. This advanced training is organized into twelve learning modules. The training is designed for students who are active members of their church or ministry.
Classes are held one-on-one or in a small group format and are conducted during a 7 day/all day workshop or by tele-conference and online webinars. The skills required to be mastered are much more intensive than those used in traditional coaching. As a Christian life coach, you will be creating a deeper, more spiritual connection with your client. This involves the effective use of intercessory prayer, knowledge of scripture, discernment of God's will as well as other tools. During your training, you will be paired with an experienced and certified trainer who will act as both your teacher and mentor while you work toward completing the 12 modules of reading and related assignments.


We believe that one of the best ways to learn something is to actually do it. So on your 5th module of training, you will be assigned a client to coach under the supervision of your trainer/mentor. Topics covered in training include but are not limited to: Industry overview, definition of coaching, coaching ethics, active and empathetic listening, establishing client trust and rapport, effective questioning, observations and constructive feedback, session building, goal-setting, assigning homework, assessments and other tools, overcoming obstacles, using Scriptures, effective communication techniques, self-awareness, developing your private practice, niche life coaching, marketing techniques, creating a resource list and more. 

Once you have completed the course work and satisfied all other requirements, you are officially accredited through our organization as a Certified Life Coach with a Christian niche. Then, you can use the acronym CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach) behind your full name. Your trainer/mentor will continue to mentor you for additional 6-months at no cost.


The cost of the Christian Life Coach Training & Certification program is $2,500. A 3-payment installment plans is available upon request. This is a small fee compared to most life coach training. The $2,500 cost covers your certification processing, training/mentoring, and online testing. This cost does not cover the cost of your book(s), which is available for purchase online.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Bullying, Violence & Racism: A reality in our schools
  • Parental Aggression: Teen challenges at home
  • Divorce: When the child becomes the third adult
  • Self-Mutilation: Causes and solutions for cutting and self-piercing
  • Teen Drug Use & Experimentation: Causes, concerns and action plans
  • Academic Motivation: Truancy, grades and goals for the future
  • Modeling Coping Skills
  • Making Teens feel heard creating and/or enhancing communication
  • We control our thoughts tha cuase our emotions
  • Group Processes: Working with adolescents in groups.
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